The Manheim Park Garden Conservancy was founded in 2016 by members of the Manheim park community garden, and the Historic Manheim Park  Association to protect and develop the green spaces in the area. We are committed to sustainable urban development,  green infrastructure and community involvement.

We are located in the Manheim Park Neighborhood, in midtown Kansas City Missouri.

For general inquiries, or to get involved, drop us a line:

[email protected]



Manheim Park + Garden  exists with the support of the following organizations:

Charlotte Street Foundation
Cultivate KC
Kansas City Community Gardens
Historic Manheim Park Association
Congregation Kol Ami
Neighborhood Housing Services
Urban Cafe


Education + Public Relations

We thrive on community involvement and collaboration. We are always happy to share our projects with those interested, or if you have a project / idea you would like to share with us, contact us at [email protected]

Community Gardening

The community garden is the oldest of our green spaces and our largest project so far. The garden is over an acre of contiguous land with private and communal plots, herb garden, playground,  running water, and public meeting space. We have weekly group meetings and work days. If you would like to grow with us contact [email protected] or check our calendar and stop by one of our weekly meetings to say hi!


Humans were not the first invent agriculture, as bees have been selective breeding food crops for as long as flowering plants have been around.  The bee colonies, which are currently under construction and will be installed in late April of this year, will support all of our other projects both by their work as pollinators and, and as honey producers. Brittany Frazier is the project lead.

Contact Brittany:



We are in the process of  transforming a fallow lot into a sustainable food-forest. In partnership with the Giving Grove, we have developed a plan for a multi layered, low maintenance ecosystem that differs from traditional orchards by incorporating intentional ground cover and other edible plants that support healthy fruit trees. Steve Sackin is the project lead.

Contact Steve:

harryjepstein (at)

Green Entrepreneurship

Financial sustainability is just as important as ecological sustainability. MPGC has acquired several under utilized green spaces in the neighborhood is working with members of the Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to develop them. Laura Wymer is the project lead.

Contact Laura:

wymerlaura (at)