Storms, Sprouts, and Solidarity

Last Saturday, Kansas City got some rough weather, and Sunday morning, our usual weekly workdays, we received the gift of one downed tree, and a piece of fencing broken because of it. But, like the bees in our two hives, we immediately went to work on the problem, with the tree being cut up and disassembled in a few hours time!

The tree on Sunday, before we got to work on removing it.
A machete-wielding  Spencer Benlon, taking off some of the larger limbs


Though the tree was an unfortunate surprise, it was pretty awe-inspiring with what speed it was removed. Couldn’t have been prouder of our gardeners and their readiness to save the day. The garden is looking livelier than ever, with summer crops coming in full- cucumbers, pole beans, and plenty of other plants in the private raised beds. The heat and sun make for great growing conditions, not to mention the summer showers!


Seasi and Lynn’s beds are in full swing, see the 7′ sunflower?
Pole bean trellises looking beautiful in the morning

The garden also celebrated our own Juneteenth, a day to celebrate the emancipation of black America, and highlight the modern struggle towards equality. Community members gathered with prepared poems, reading to one another. To all, it was a lovely evening.



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