Big News: The bees have arrived and have been installed. On Monday evening, with the help of neighbors, the gardeners built a fence in the back of the main garden, sectioning off an area where the bees live and where we may eventually put the chicken coup.

Brittany Frasier and Sam Steiger prepare the hives for the colonies.


Two hives were erected, and two colonies deposited with two healthy young queens. The few hundred new members to the garden were surprisingly well behaved,  landing only one sting over the 90 minute installation process.

Brittany Frasier and Jacob Canyon introduce the bees into their hives.

Humans were not the first invent agriculture, as bees have been selectively breeding crops for as long as flowering plants have been around.  The bee colonies will support all of our other projects by their work as pollinators and possibly as honey producers in the future.

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