Rainy Sunday, 4/30/17

Well, it’s as they say– April showers bring May flowers! And boy, has it been raining in our neck of the woods. A total of about 4 inches for the area. For those of us who depend on it for a bountiful harvest, these spring showers are crucial, ensuring a deep soaking of roots. Our robin population has sure seemed to enjoy plucking up all the curious worms, but it did keep the majority of our gardeners at bay for the usual weekend work day. No worries, though! These rains will give our crops the surge they need for the upcoming hot weather, not to mention fuel our orchard with the hydration they need to bear lots of yummy fruit. The cherry tree and blackberry bushes already look like they’ll have a very successful summer.

Some progress on the peas + a sign hand-painted by Lynn, one of our gardeners

Last Sunday, at the Spring Fling event, we gained around a dozen new garden hopefuls, several of which are ready to move forward with their own private plots! We’re very excited to share the wisdom of the Earth with our new friends, many who have themselves never grown food at all. Our little acre in the middle of the city is feeling very lively these days.



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