Spring cleanin’, March 25th

Manheim gardens and its members have been getting busier as Earth sheds it’s winter coat. Mid-march is the perfect time to start planting for the first harvest, and our volunteers have already made major headway. We’ve sown kale, greens, lettuce, and chard in our community beds, in which snow peas and snap peas have already shot up!

After a long and particularly dry winter, much care has been taking in the yearly turning of the soil. Steve Sackin, our de-facto garden leader, has been plowing Manheim for nearly five years, and knows that early March is the time to prepare for the muggy months of May and June. Subsequently, the two largest community beds have been treated with a new layer of mulch and mud. We’re already seeing a surplus of earthworms this year, so that’s a plus!

Here’s our blackberry bush, showing its pretty new growth.

Britanny Frazier, our junior beekeeping expert, is planning for two Langstroth style hives and some dozen pounds of the buzzy things.  She’s working together with an experienced beekeeper in the neighborhood to enrich our community’s ecosystem. But, more on that later in April’s monthly review when the bees arrive. Bzzzzz~~

Manheim Park Garden Conservancy has been focusing it’s new founded efforts towards fundraising and promoting the garden as a harmonious destination for community members and enthusiastic urban farmers alike. The process has not been without it’s own hoops to jump through, but without the dedicated work of our team, the garden wouldn’t have been protected from whatever the future might hold. That being said, The conservancy is actively seeking out donors and project managers for the many endeavors that will come in the following year. Local restaurants, charitable foundations, and other urban gardening initiatives are all welcome contributors. In addition, gardeners with ties to local bands, poets, and artists have been reaching out to organize live-readings, performances, and other fun community events. There is much to be done, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any less busy as time goes on!

Most importantly, next month all prospective gardeners are urged to attend our meet and greet on Sunday, April 23rd!


Food, drink, and merriment will be provided, as well as general information about membership and garden procedures. If you’re interested  in growing with us, or wish to support our endeavors this year, we urge you to join us at this event! Visit the event page for more detailed information.


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