13 March

Spring is upon us.

We have been working hard this winter; planing, plotting, pruning.

We (the Manheim Park Garden Conservency) have successfully purchased the land of the main garden, as well as other assorted green spaces in the neighboorhood from NHS, who had taken great care of it for so many years. This purchase was important for two reasons. Firstly, as outlined in the Conservency’s articles, it assures the land will be maintained as a green space in perpetuity. This protects the garden and the neighborhood from being mangled by short sighted / speculative real estate ventures that have left slummy apartment blocks strewn throughout the city’s historic neighborhoods.  Secondly, it affords us as community more autonomy in our projects there. The formation of the Conservency and the purchase has already made us more ambitous, and more people from the community are involved now than ever.


Also, not long after a group pruning session, the peach tree blossomed this week, aint it purdy?



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